Friday, May 19, 2017


My Painting Gal Pals

      Every Monday at 9:30 am  8-10 ladies meet at Rita's condo club house to paint together. These  women are true friends with whom you can share you life happenings without judgement and with confidence. If one of us needs something the others will be there to help. At about 11:30 someone will say; "Where are we going to eat", today? We always go to a local restaurant to have lunch, eat half of it and take the rest home for dinner or a treat if there is a husband at home. 

     We were eating at an Italian place one time when a younger man came up to us to say he enjoyed hearing our conversations but mostly our laughter. The stranger said a group of young professional women were in the week before and each one of them was on their phone or I Pad.  To be with people and ignore their presence by being on a phone would not even cross our minds but it was a kind observation from a stranger.

Another time another stranger said to Meave; "I like your hair", she wears it in a lovely white mohawk! White is the preferred hair color for the group but I am thinking of surprising them with a temporary pink tips dye. Why not? That is the same resason I got a tattoo the day before I turned 60.
........"Let's give them something to talk about".......

     We have lost a few precious members over the years; had to move away to be closer to the kids or passed away but each is remembered in our hearts.  This leads me to the most important lesson I have learned from these gals; you alway (no matter your age) must keep meeting new people and share you life with the ones that are worthy. Guess I thought that when one got old life would be static and unchanging....wrong again!  Accepting the changes makes all the difference in the happiness quotient and camaraderie of friendships can be the life jacket to help one keep on keep'in on.