Friday, August 4, 2017


This one pecked me and drew blood.
Off with her head.
     My son has chickens and more eggs than he knows what to do with. I had forgotten how yellow a yolk is on free range chicken! He purchased a real fixer upper with an acre of land in northern Michigan about four years ago which he has improved with each passing season . We flew up to visit him for his 40th birthday and  to spend time with him.
I enjoyed watching the chickens.
Nice little birds.

The weather was perfect Michigan summer weather for the five days we were there. I love the pine trees, the forests along the roads as we drove out of town for the "good" ice cream. It felt good to just remember what I loved about where we used to live but then I remember the cold dark days of winter that lasted the vast majority of the year. My very favorite season was fall. In my life I have seen some of the most colorful spectacular cool crisp autumns.

Tool shed.


A lobster dinner for a brand new 40 year old.            

Now for the rest of the story; we went up to help Matt with some projects around the house. It did not matter what we did with him, just so we were with him!  I painted one intricate spice rack that he build into his wall, two window frames from dark brown wood to shiny white
( that means a primer coat then the semi gloss around all those straight line edges....jeez) , touch up numerous wall patches including the wall below the spice rack. I darned about 100 socks as we all watched videos at night.

Not too shaby for an old lady and I still had a smile on my face when we left at 3am for the airport.