Saturday, May 16, 2015


It is a nice 24" x 28" simple gold frame in good condition so I need to fill it before it gets damaged in my cramped studio. My Beach Babes caught my fancy so I tried it over and over but it never developed so; "off with its head"!
Instead a vision of a mixed media drifted into my imagination. I covered the whole beach scene with gesso and began taping off black and red with gold designs. In China I picked up a newspaper thinking I could use it in some future mixed media painting.
Good News 1
Good News 2
Large sections of newspaper are hard to glue down smoothly and I felt the  design needed some softness so I added some origami papers that I had on hand. Should I add painted designs in the background, should I ditch the pink, too much white looked boring were some of my questions.
What was I thinking? This has been a difficult process and I'm not sure if it will be a success.
Next step is that I think there needs to be some linkage between the opposing black panels.
Good News 3

Good News 4
I added the neutral gray to focus the attention on the  Chinese newspaper articles. Just awful!
Adding the black to link the side panels did help but now I feel the right hand side newsprint to too detailed to relate to the left side of the painting. On the positive side it is just another problem to be solved, on the negative side; creating art shouldn't be this difficult.

Now I find it boring and too fragmented. To balance the left hand side red I felt some red on the right would be in order. Searching the internet images I found a red tomb tower which proceeded to meticulously trace. I am trying for an old document over laid on the newspaper print.
Good News 5
This is no where near completion and I am really struggling. Not so happy with my comment; "Oh, just another problem to be solved". In frustration I ripped off the newspaper page and will attempt to draw a Chinese handmaid that I found in a brochure I brought home. I will use red to balance the red found on the left side of the collage.  Oh, I added some red color to the flower to give it more punch.

If, per chance, you never see the final product you will know that it died a slow agonizing demise.
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