Sunday, June 21, 2015


      Today we tackled simplifying a personal photo (or any subject matter) to determine the 3-5 values and to reduce the number of shapes to no more than 12.

     Here Karen is demonstrating her photo under tracing paper which acts as squinting the eyes would to see the proper values. She set aside three marking pens; black, middle gray and light gray letting the white of the tracing paper acts as the lightest value. As she colored she would edit out details to make a balanced design instead of adhering to every last detail of the photo.

Next Karen numbered the shapes reducing detail to stay under 12. After that she had a composition that will be paint brush sketched onto her canvas and off she goes painting knowing that her design will make a good work of art.

Tracing Paper

Red base coat on the canvas
Now it is my turn.                    
Final Product: