Sunday, June 7, 2015

ART BOOT CAMP- Lesson #1

In my last blog I mentioned that I had signed up for my friend's painting class. Only one class under my belt and I am pumped to paint!

As of today I am a dedicated acrylic or water based media painter but much to my surprise I am ordering a small introductory set of oil paints.  Karen feels I will get better results for all of my efforts plus plein air painting will be easier with oil because acrylics dry out too quickly on site, even with an extender medium.

Lesson 1:
*How to make a mother piles of paint, warm it up, cool it down, lighten the value or darken it.
*How to make it neutral to pop the surrounding colors.
*Oh, warm next to cool gives the rounding of an object.
*Here's a big one; use as few strokes as possible. Someone needs to slap my hand when I repaint over
& over until I reach mud and ruin a beautiful start:(
*Sky hole color: mix a color to match the sky but a little darker and muted. As the sky hole gets bigger it should get lighter. Use the edge of your flat brush.
*Dot-dash-dot for tree trunks and branches.

Homework: Bring black paint, bring a value scale and 3 photo to do a design simplification. We will have to identify only 12 shapes. This is one of my weak areas so I will take good notes and report back to you.