Sunday, June 28, 2015


I did this as homework for my last class with Karen. Thought it was simple, had good value changes and I thought the composition was appealing.
I tried painting a cool green background then painted my subject; it looked awful so I painted over with a bright red. Details added, it still is missing something. I will show Karen and see what I can do to punch this up a bit. I do like the garlic but the ceramic garlic baker is a bit lack luster.

Karen suggested trying a cool darker background to see which color improves the design. She liked the foreground but thought it needed more temperature color changes to emphasize the shape and cast shadows of the subject.


I do find that I am impatient with the time that it takes oil paint to dry.

The final layer was done with a palette knife and I darkened the values quite a bit.

Garlic- finished