Friday, May 27, 2016


    You know the slogan; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. If you are like me you have paintings in a closet, under the bed and stacked against the walls of the guest bedroom. I've reached a point of needing to purge once again. I have given paintings away as gifts, donated to local charity causes, placed my paintings in my art club shows and still I have a "plethora of paintings"!

Plein Air Study                
I decided to repaint a sleeping bird on a branch over this plein air pond scene.  

Here I added sky and a branch in white to give me a base for adding color.  In step #2 I felt that I had covered up too much of the ground painting so I used paint thinner to remove wet surface paint to reveal the background, I thought it made a great feather impression.


Some paint removed.
I wish I could show you the final product but I got discussed with my work and the bird flew away to become another painting before I could finish it.

The idea is still good!