Friday, June 10, 2016


     Here is my latest Polly Hammett attempt. I designed a figure pose, added background details on vellum paper. The advantage to the see through paper is that I am able to visually determine where the design best fits on my painting surface. Ah, the little things I learn as I entertain myself with art.

  Next I did three different value studies to see which option I liked best. As I look at my sketches I did not choose any of them. Somehow I had a mid century vision of a white lacquer bench seat with a balance of white objects. I still seem to be on my black background kick but I can see that wearing thin very soon.

I blocked in the colors I was sure about and guessed at the rest. It does have a distinctive vibe to it but I have a ways to go before I sleep.



Here is my final product from this session.