Friday, June 24, 2016


     I have an excellent and dear instructor for my Silver Sneakers class; Pam. She takes good care of us "old folk" by gently pushing us out of our comfort zone to reach the max. of our individual potential.

      Unlike the rest of the worlds mothers, Pam likes to hike up big mountains, go kayaking and all sorts of other extreme physical activities while visiting her son!
For her birthday I wanted to try my hand at painting her a watercolors on Yupo which is what I have been experimenting with lately. ( See previous blogs)

     A few weeks ago Pam flew out to visit her son who lives on the Pacific North West.  I can tell from the look on her face that she was relaxed & enjoying precious time with Joey.

I simply must learn to paint with the least number of brush strokes necessary. The Yupo paper is forcing me to do that but I still have not learned the lesson. In fact I am over this Yupo/ Terraskin phase.

Pam was so appreciative that I took the time to paint a picture of her on her vacation. Instead of Play it Ahead I titled this one...Paint it Ahead.

Pam & Joey.