Friday, January 20, 2017



     You may remember my post about the Arts Village  project in Vero Beach. Now we are down to things that are tangible like mini murals being displayed through out the Arts Village area. Once the  community  sees changes in the neighborhood I think more people will want to be part of the rejuvenation of  Edgewood. The Mural Committee will supply numerous 32"x48" primed wooden mini mural panels for local artists to paint in a transformative butterfly theme.

     I have been invited to paint one of the murals which is an honor for me. First of all I researched Monarch butterflies printing off a picture of all the visual stages in it's life cycle. Should I make my mural a teaching moment?  No, I decided against the teaching moment, too predictable.

      No grand ideas the first day. A day or two later when I was tucked in for a good night's sleep it came to me.  I will paint a huge butterfly trying to crawl out of the mini mural! Sort of like  the chalk street art artists do with their 3D perspective art but.... I don't know how to do that :(

     I do have U Tube and a great imagination. After watching a few video blogs on forced perspective art or anamorphosis drawing I set out to go where I have never gone before. I must admit I am enjoying the new challenge. Think I will paint over the changes that I made when I went from the horizontal designing to the vertical observation so I can more easily trace my butterfly onto the wooden panel when I receive it. 

More later as I work on my mini mural.

Cut my sewing pattern board to 32"X48"
Add tracing paper to board
Mark off boarders
Using a proportional divider to sketch in the design

Design on horizontal plane

Corrections made on a vertical plane