Friday, January 27, 2017


     Where do you paint a 32"x48" heavy wooden panel?  In the garage of course,  with my MacGyver like skills I created an easel by using two ladders, a fold up table, a card table, two pieces of scrap lumber and Gorilla duct tape.
We will find out if it works when the panel arrives. This is fun.

     Yesterday the heavy wooden panel arrived but it was in rough shape. My dear husband sanded and filled in the low spots on the wood, sanded again and even went to the hardware store to buy matte primer and a roller. I put on a layer of Gesso and hopefully it will be OK to paint on. 

          My first step was to tape off the boarder painting on a warm transparent color as the underpainting. Step two I will trace the butterfly to the board making corrections as I go along.

         More later as I paint the image...still fun.

 Does it look like the 3D street art where the butterfly is crawling out of the border ?
Next blog you get to see the finished product.