Sunday, January 15, 2017


     I have a friend that move from Vero Beach, Florida to Weaverville, North Carolina all by herself. She bought a beautiful piece of property in the country outside of Asheville then  proceeded to have a manufactured house towed to Weaverville!! Who does that? Sharon is one of those rare breed of independent woman who has the will and will find a way to make it happen. I flew up to visit her the first two summers and I had a blast.

     We worked in her yard putting in wildflowers that I found on a vacant lot, went to art studios in the area and even danced with her is a free form dance class. I was in my 1960's free spirit mode and it felt wonderful. Nothing like a feathered boa around your neck to say happy hippie.  Hey, I will never see these people again. Of course we painted together at her house and I left  several offerings for her to use in her new home decor.

     She recently sent a painting that I had done for her back to me via another artist friend who snowbirds from Asheville to Vero Beach. Sharon loves the color purple so I painted
The Lady on the Chaise Lounge. That painting goes back 6 or 7 years but did you notice the stylized figure that I painted? Definitely expressive but I did not see my genre calling at the time.

     My question is; should I update the painting or do I leave it as is as a record of progress in my style and skill level?