Monday, June 16, 2014


 Every little girl loves to play dress up!

      Each morning I peruse Pinterest as part of my cup of coffee and relaxing in PJ's  routine. I saw a darling idea for my little 4 year old granddaughter; costume aprons.
How brilliant is that?
She can whip on an Anna costume from Disney's Frozen and dance to the music for her family's viewing delight.
     First I had to research what Anna looked like so off to Google. Next to the fabric store where I found a pattern for the costumes but I was not going for anything that elaborate or expensive. The pattern gave me the picture I needed to buy the look alike fabric but I was not about to pay nearly $20 dollars for that, I returned it to the pattern display when I got what I needed. My shopping cart in tow, walking up and down the isles looking for the cheapest fabrics that are just the right colors and sparkle. Found it all; what a good grandmother am I.

When I got home I laid the fabric out on the kitchen counter and began guessing where to cut and where to sew. I enjoy making things without a pattern. Anna's dress had beautiful flower details on it so I pulled out an old stencil pattern book and cut out the pattern with cuticle scissors then  stenciled the flowers onto the bottom of the dress. 

If you ask me I think it is stinking cute. 

I also bought material for Elsa and I am off and running on that costume apron.