Thursday, June 12, 2014



     Yea Team, two steps forward toward my goal of seriously marketing my art work. Step one; Via Vista Print I ordered  business cards using the above picture which I think represents my style of realism. The painting is titled "Old Florida" and it sold at the 2012 Under the Oaks Art Show.

The other painting that I was considering for my business card was "Geraniums" which is in a private collection in Vero Beach. Somehow I thought the Old Florida made a better looking business card.

StepTwo;The first Friday of each month is Art Gallery Stroll in the 14th Avenue Art District of Vero Beach. Every now and then I join a friend or two and roam from gallery to gallery garnering ideas and visiting with people.  These strolls are good for the artistic soul.
There is one gallery in particular that I enjoy; Artist Guild Gallery, which is a cooperative gallery of about 20 artists. My goal was to finish being president of the Art Club and then devote time to being an artist. Brave little soul that I am, I asked for an application to apply to be a full member of the Artist Guild Gallery. After I fill out the application I will present 3 paintings that represent my style of art work which we all know is quite varied. Thought I would show an abstract,  a realistic one and a mixed media work.

Wish me luck and I will report back the results.  If they say no thank you to me I know that I stepped up to the plate, gave it my best shot and that I have the right to fail with honor.