Sunday, June 22, 2014


Paint Peg Board 
     Here is a DIY paint organizing system that I found on Pinterest "Art Studios".  In the past kept my paints in a box or drawers in my studio which was really inefficient. It took too much time to find the color I wanted while I was in the zone painting and I did not realize how many tubes I had of any one color. Now I see what I have and I see what I have too much of. 

      Presently the acrylics and watercolors are divided into warm and cool colors but my next goal is to subdivide the colors into warm vs cool within each color. I am trying to understand color theory better by discerning a warm red vs a cool red, etc. Slowly I am beginning to understand where all the mud came from; I did not realize that toning down a warm red with a cool blue equals mud whereas toning down the same warm red with a warm blue would work.

     I wrote a long time ago about my windmill easel and finally I have the time to really use it. The drip method and turning my paintings around at all angles is part of my process so this  invention makes it easier. I thought about buying it for years then finally swallowed my trepidation about making such a big purchase for little ol' me. 

     It takes up a lot of space in my small bedroom studio but I'm glad I splurged.
Windmill Easel