Friday, July 1, 2016


By Anne O'Brien -Gonzalez

I am not fickle, instead I am inspired by many teachers. I enjoyed Anne's book and DVD so much that I ordered two more.
It is such fun to sit down to really focus on an audio visual lesson with my little dog snuggled next to me on the couch. Sometimes I take detailed notes and other times I just listen to it over and over again. All of the artists that I choose seem to be colorist/ expressionists so either that is what I am or this is just a stage that I will grow out of.

Either way here are some of my results.
Step 1
I recycled a former painting into my blue chair & flower center piece work. Step 1;  shows the detail of the actual table cloth which was voted down by a jury of one. Step 2;  I stenciled through real lace to give a more subtle detail to the table cloth. Same vote, it competed too much with the flower focal point.
Step 2.
Step 3
Step 3;  I thought that I should tone down the table cloth but when I looked at the photos from step 2 I decided the intensity of the pink table cloth worked better for this style of painting.

Step 4;  I added a rice paper blue that I thought linked back to the blue chair. Also I brought back the pink color intensity.
Step 5;  I began working on the flowers adding rice papers. I like the addition of the lacy papers on the two far flowers but the front one is an enigma.
I was going for a blue /orange complementary color theme so why did I try white flowers, boring? Blended in the blue paper, tried red flowers and added red stripes. Enlarged the vase and made it black with circles stamped on it. Cross word puzzle anyone?

Even the artist creating this has no clue where it is going. Oh Anne, I need your help:(

To get back to the blue/ orange complement I painted the cloth orange, flowers white and enhanced the blue of the place mat.  Better but......

Added the checked pattern, enlarged the place mat and worked on the flowers.
A little more punch and this painting goes into a time out so that the artist can recover.
10- Finished until further notice.