Saturday, July 16, 2016



Now I am focusing on the works Anne Obrien Gonzalez from her DVD on Expressive Still Life. Looking around the house I pulled out my Fiesta water pitcher, a tin can plus a pair of fish salt and pepper shakers.

First Anne placed various papers on a pre stained canvas which had a simple sketch on it. I tend to use good old fashioned white chalk to make my initial sketches. It rubs off easily as I change my mind a hundred times.
My goal was a complementary color theme using lavenders and yellows. Originally the pitcher was empty but that looked unbalanced so what flowers would fit into my plan? Lilacs! 
No lilacs near by so I googled a photo and faked the rest. I used small circle stamps & lacy rice papers to help enhance the lilac feel.   
Just relax and get "wonky" as Anne would say.
Step 3 is too bland but step 4  kicks it up a notch.

Turn up the music in the studio, dance around a bit and then have faith in myself.
 Wonky enough?