Friday, July 8, 2016


  • Acrylic Skins

         Many years ago when we lived in Glen Arbor, Michigan  I 
    worked as an office manager for the Glen Arbor Art Association. The Art Association is still in business and expanding. It was my pleasure to have met the professional artist; Harvey Gordon. Gordon paints in acrylics enjoying their brilliant colors, durability and water solubility. He perfected a planned glazing technique where he uses little paint and a lot of acrylic gloss medium to create phenomenally luminous detailed interiors.

       Somewhere I read about making acrylic skins so I experimented with the acrylic glazing medium on palette paper adding colors of my choice. I can hear myself saying;" That was an interesting waste of time", but I saved it anyway. 10 years later I have pulled the skins out to apply to my new expressionistic style on previously toned canvas.

 Flower close up
Finished painting.