Friday, July 29, 2016



                                                                                                                                                                         Page 122 in Daily Painting by Carol Marine. I am attempting to reign in my impatient, impulsive painting technique to a more planned one. Took a tomato from the kitchen which will be in a salad tonight, set it up with lighting and colored background papers. I read Carol's instructions like a recipe beginning with the paint set up. Warm and cool of the three primaries with mixtures of each to create secondaries. My hope is that a limited palette when stop me from using every pretty color my eyes sees.

After sketching the subject onto a canvas I started with the #1 spot with pure color, a warm red. Get in, get out with one stroke. Then onto the #2- #5 colors added to the tomato painting.

I have broken the one stroke rule already, don't like my carefully chosen colors and think the whole thing is boring.

What's an artist to do? I am going to step away from the book and paint like I'm enjoying it.

The results will either be wonky or a reject.
Nice to have choices.

Day two: cleaned two bathrooms, unloaded dishwasher plus reloaded dishwasher, finally let's go to the studio for a re-do of the amateurish tomato.

I repainted the background with left overs on the palette and then went to town. In a very short time I painted the following. Quick and dirty, it just happened:)


This is more my style.